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These collections are two of our most durable and multifunctional upholsteries. In addition to their No-Burn guarantee, they are also protected by our high-performance Wipe-Off™ finish which allows their surfaces to wipe clean of marks and spills with ease. They are antimicrobial, mildew-resistant, and bleach-cleanable to maintain healthcare sanitary standards. These products are sustainably manufactured.

Cobble is a light pebble two-tone effect with an ultra-soft hand. It comes in a palette of 19 earthy colors.
Silo features a designer palette in 40 colors and is amazingly soft to the touch.

The No-Burn Guarantee

No-Burn Upholstery™ is our exclusive performance upholstery fabric. It is the original and only no-burn upholstery on the market engineered with our proprietary chemistry to guard against cigarette burns. It offers additional properties such as bleach cleanability, high abrasion, and high UV resistance for indoor and outdoor use.

Thanks to No-Burn Upholstery™, casino operators don't need to deal with unsightly casino chairs or incur loss of revenue due to chairs being taken out of service. By using this high-quality upholstery, operators can save on the high costs of replacement and labor while adding further revenue to their bottom line.

No-Burn Upholstery™ is more than just a performance upholstery; it's an insurance policy.

Our Proven Product

Here's what our customers are saying:

Sean S. Schiano

“I was amazed when I watched the no burn uTube video. We were thrilled to have beautiful gaming chairs in our smoking areas and not have to worry about cigarette burns. The video is great, and the chairs with the no burn fabric in our smoking areas are worth every penny!”

General Manager of Gaming
Batavia Downs Gaming & Hotel

Roger Bryant

“The No-Burn material that we are using on our outdoor patios is great. No more issues with frequent replacement of our patio chairs. The maintenance and housekeeping teams love this product and contribute to the patio looking its best for our customers.”

Senior Director
Miami Valley Gaming