No-Burn Upholstery™ is an Exclusive Performance Upholstery Fabric only from gmf fabrics™ . No-Burn is the Original and Only No-Burn Upholstery™ on the market. No-Burn is a highly secured and proprietarily engineered Coated Fabric that guards against Cigarette Burns and has added properties including; Wipe-Off Performance, Bleach Cleanable, High Abrasion, High UV for Indoor and Outdoor usage, and Anti-Microbial and Anti-Bacterial.

Casino Operators are no longer dealing with unsightly Casino Chairs and are no longer having a loss of revenue by taking Chairs out of service. Operators are saving the high costs of replacement upholstery and labor and adding additional revenue to their bottom line numbers. No-Burn Upholstery™ isn't just a Performance Upholstery, it's an Insurance Policy that pays back dividends.